I’m on a diet.

I have started it from summer, but it doesn’t lose better my weight than I thought.
In particular, it is difficult to lose one kilos of from 70 kilos to 69 kilos.
When I don’t eat dinner, my weight is 69 kilos, but When I ate dinner, my weight is 70 kilos.

When Eating less I ate, losing 10 kilos was easier than I thought.
It is difficult to lose my weight left.

I was on diet for the first time, I think it is amazing to lose 15 kilos for 3 months, I often watch that on TV.

But, such people on TV is working as job, then they did what they have wanted.
So I think they had only a little stress.
It was difficult to do that for me, I need to eat whatever I like, then dietary restrictions has its limits.

If I’m going to lose 5 kilos, I think it is better to be a diet focused around vesitable.
I don’t like vesitable.

But, I will want to try hard to overcome its weak point.

I think I try to eat only vegetable sticks at dinner after next month of my birthday past.
I can’t start suddenly to do that, so I need to use the event for starting.

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