I hate it!

I’m in a bad temper because I might be assigned a task that it’s a drag to do.

It has appeared as strange work of Mr.A several times, then I feel like the web director submit estimate to Mr.A.
I prick up ears…

I heard that EC site and Corporate site are different server, different plugins installed and different paid theme was equipped, the work needs to put like that three site all in one site.

We may get the job request that we don’t know where to start.

Besides, the estimate has submitted as hundreds of thousands yen.
It’s clearly cheaper.

I hate it because If we get it, it will end up being assigned for me.
My stomach has a stabbing pain just because the work request from Mr.A, then I think creating a theme is the work of programmer.
There is no one who is full-time programer in the company.

I was hearing his conversation while thinking so, but my coworker hearing it too, then he try to lead that job request in the direction refuse.
So, he is gathering materials to persuade the web director, I think I had better to say “That’s impossible!”, but the boss don’t let him say that, so he worry about that.

Recently, when we did the work that need to use the javascript, I said there is no one who can use it in the company.
But, I was realized that I should need to prepare alternative if I can’t.
I can’t use javascript, so I looked the way of use PHP on the internet to implement for a week.
If I could make good use of that a week, I would be able to complete half a work of website.
I wonder why alternative is important.
I think the boss has other intention that support employees to grow, but I wonder why we can’t say that you can’t do what can’t be done.

I understand that it is important to prepare alternative, but I wonder if it doesn’t needs to submit go so far as to take a lot of time.

Actually, it hasn’t charged a fee while trying to find the alternative.

That’s odd.

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